5 ways to download Torrents anonymously

Lately, there’s a rise in privacy solutions sought by clients because of the spike in the amount of BitTorrent consumers searching for ways to maintain their identities secret in the external world. Discussed below from the article are solutions which are entirely free to those which cost a few dollars each month. While the compensated services can provide you with exactly the very same rates as the normal connection could, on the flip side, totally free providers are generally slower or have additional constraints.

Listed below are a few of the most-used providers which enable BitTorrent users to conceal their IP-addresses from the general public.

Although, torrenting is not illegal, but downloading copyrighted material on BitTorrent is deemed prohibited. Copyright holders are conscious of that truth and actively seeks individuals who discuss their own copyrighted work. In terms of torrenting with no encryption, it shows your true identity and IP address, and will they monitor your ISPs and establish complaints from you and your ISPs, then, control your internet rate, sends you warning letters on copyright holder’s benefit. To prevent such penalties and also to download torrents anonymously would be to reestablish your BitTorrent traffic.

Here are top 5 ways to download Torrents anonymously


VPN is regarded as a fantastic means to guarantee privacy whilst using BitTorrent as discovered by most BitTorrent users. You can track all of your traffic via VPN servers, so hide your IP address from the general public by paying only a couple of dollars each month. When there are a few VPNs which also offer you a totally free program, but these are substantially slower and not appropriate for more demanding BitTorrent users.

VPNs, unlike the other providers, aren’t solely restricted to BitTorrent visitors, they’ll also conceal the origin of all of the additional traffic on your link also. VPNs which are very popular among BitTorrent users are BTGuard, Torguard and PrivateInternetAccess, but you need to be able to locate far more about Google search. It’s advised to inquire beforehand if BitTorrent traffic is permitted on the support of your own choice.

2. BTGuard 

BTGuard is a proxy service which hides the IP-addresses of its customers from the general public. As the title indicates, the service operates on Windows, Mac, Linux, which will be configured specifically with BitTorrent users in your mind. Users may also set their own customer to utilize BTGuard besides utilizing the pre-configured client. It works with customers that encourage “Socks V5? Proxies such as uTorrent and Vuze. In addition, for the true safety purists, BTGuard also has encryption tunnel program.

3. Torrentprivacy 

A similar support to that of BTGuard, Torrentprivacy is just another proxy support for BitTorrent users. Considering all the essential settings, it delivers a modified uTorrent customer. On the other hand, the support is restricted to users on Windows platforms, that’s the flipside of the strategy. In business for two or more decades, TorrentPrivacy has been run by the TorrentReactor.net team.


Employed for torrent transfers only, a seedbox is a BitTorrent jargon to get a dedicated high-speed server. Users normally get quite large download rates using seedbox whereas their IP-addresses aren’t shared with the general public. The consumers may obtain the files to their PC via a quick entry connection when the download has finished.

It’s founded on the peer/tracker theory of BitTorrent in conjunction with an onion routing anonymization coating, with the extra advantage of end-to-end encryption”.


Anomos is among the very few free multi-platform options for BitTorrent users to conceal their IP-addresses. However, since Anomos utilizes its torrent format, it’s not totally compatible with routine torrent files, that’s the drawback of the service. Another drawback is that the download rates are generally lower than normal BitTorrent transfers.

Over 1,600 people have requested on the uTorrent Idea Bank for its Anomos protocol to be built into some future uTorrent build, which makes it the 2nd most-common proposal generally.

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