7 Social Media Tips for Building an Audience for your e-commerce store.

Social media is a boundlessly growing platform today. Every new internet user is rushing to join different social media platforms, mainly for social validation. With so many social platforms to consider, businesses are embracing different techniques to better cope with the pressure of social media, which explains why sharedcount.com is prominent.

It is seemingly impossible for brands to stay off social media given that a large part of their target audience is glued to social media platforms for the better part of their day.

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Use consistent usernames for your social accounts 

No matter how many social media you deliberate on joining, ensure you have a consistent username. Not only does this favor your ranking on search engines, but it also helps your target audience easily find your accounts and relate them to your brand.

Pick usernames that reflect the brand message you are trying to send but is simple enough to be quoted and followed even by beginners easily. Besides, unique, consistent usernames set you apart from frauds and make it easier for your accounts to be verified by social media service providers.

Link your accounts to your website

Social media is a powerful tool on its own, but linking it to your site yields even more results. The idea is to add the links of the active social media accounts. You do not want users clicking on your links on social media and landing on an empty profile with no followers.

Ensure that the links are correct and link to specific places on your social media profiles, for example, on the about page which informs them of what your brand concerns.

Complete your profile details on social media

Social media platforms are today used as search engines, which gives importance to a complete profile. Fill out the information requested for on social media platforms to precision, ensuring that you provide details for location, contact details, a brief description of your brand and the products and services you offer.

Remember that the information you fill out on your social media platforms will also reflect on search engines because search engines will use this very information to index and rank your website for search results, creating a perfect opportunity to use your primary keywords to help your target audience easily find you.

Engage your audience

The last thing you want your business to be known for is being a self-centered brand that is all out to push brand messages to people. People want to relate with your brand by getting a personal touch through your content and the way you handle conversations. All this makes you a credible brand that cares more about audience satisfaction than making a sale.

Make it deliberate to respond to feedback promptly, with the understanding that social media is a 24/7 platform. Break off from the corporate formality and allow your audience to interact with your brand.

Pay to play

Social media platforms have integrated new features with which to promote your content for a broader audience reach. A massive following on social media does not necessarily translate to more impressions on posts. In fact, a report by Facebook shows that around 15% of a brand’s audience see their content, which is very low if you are looking to rank higher in search engines.

Ideally, paying to play implies sponsoring some of your content for a higher audience reach. Facebook ads and promoting content on Twitter are known for getting more views and impression from audiences.

Join forums and communities

Communities and forums are social media’s way of getting like-minded people in one place. Activities that happen within communities and forums are specific to a course, usually an industry of interest. What this does is bring you the attention of a genuinely interested audience that would otherwise be interested in related products and services like you offer.

A great example is participating in trending hashtags or Twitter chats which are widely embraced by brands.

Host competitions and giveaways

Nothing sounds better than a gift. Giveaways work well for brands because everyone loves free things. Organize to hold contests, which you can promote on social media to attract a higher audience reach. People relate better with brands that carry competitions because it shows regard for their needs. The giveaways after that bring more attention to the brand by channeling attention to your products and services.

Social media can be a mouthful if not correctly handled. Using these seven tips, you can achieve amazing results as concerns audience growth for your e-commerce store.

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