Best Free alternatives to Internet Download Manager

Everyone uses computers these days. Times have changed and this is the time of technology and its advancements. People are basking in these advancements.

It is quite common to download files on the computer these days. But the main thing is that to download large files a lot of time is required always. Moreover, it is a very tedious task as well to complete.

For all such problems, download manager is the solution. It is the best solution. There are a lot of these types of managers these days available on the internet. But everyone wants the best.

Internet Download Manager: Classic one

Majority of us must have heard about the internet download manager. It is a very popular one. A lot of people use it in their daily work. This manager can increase your download speed and even put your downloads in categories.

It can work on Windows computers only. It performs virus scans as well. One can download internet download manager from the internet.


This download manager is the most popular one but there are others as well which are free for usage. These are free download manager. You can check the description of all here in this article. So let us get started with the alternatives.

  • EagleGet

This is the first one alternative. It is used by people when they download very large files at high speed. So we can say that it is a fast download manager. This manager keeps all your files organized. As it supports automatic file categorizing.

The pros related to this manger are that it scans for viruses. It imports the download list from other download managers. Moreover, the interface of this manager is very good. There are no major problems related to using it.

The main con is that if you are using it with chrome extension then the problem can occur.

  • Jdownloader

It is an open source download manager. It is used when there is need of downloading a large number of files from video hosting providers like MediaFire, rapid fire etc.

Some of the pros are that it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linus OS. It automatically handles captchas sometimes. Moreover, it can save a list of downloads as an encrypted file.

The main con is that it doesn’t support torrent downloads. It also doesn’t schedule downloads.

  • Free download manager

This download manager can increase the speed of downloads up to 10 times which is a very big advantage for people who are downloading a large number of files.

Pros are that it can download the torrent and YouTube videos as well. You can also check the downloaded files by previewing them on your screen.

The only con is that it doesn’t scan for viruses

  • Download Accelerator Manager

This is a Windows download manager. It is specially designed to ease the downloading from YouTube and other popular websites.

Some of the pros are that it has got a built-in virus checker in it. It also has web video and music grabber.

The main con is that there is no support for torrent files in this manager. The interface is also not that good but we can manage with it easily.

  • Xtreme download manager

It is a download manager which is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux as well. It is also used to increase the downloading speed. It is also a fast download manager.

The main pros are that it saves videos from YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing websites. The interface is also very good.

The main con is it can’t download torrent files.

Coming to the end we can say these are best alternatives to Internet Download Manager. Use them according to your need. We hope we have got through some of the best free download managers. We might have missed some but these are some of the most significant ones. So good luck using them.

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