Dutch Bros Secret Menu

Dutch Bros Secret Menu
Dutch Bros Secret Menu

Dutch Bros Secret Menu

These are the most common secret menu items in Dutch Bros Coffee. Similar to its Big Brother, Starbucks, Dutch Bros Coffee has a secret, hidden menu, with numerous delicious beverage combinations which aren’t listed on the official Dutch Bros menu.

Just mention the title of the key menu item, that you need, to your own server, also he/she will usually understand, what you’re speaking about.

The Top Dutch Bros Secret Menu Items.

Secret Coffee Drinks.

What it is: Kicker with white chocolate

The Cookie

What it is: Annihilator with white chocolate.

The White Zombie

What it is: Chocolate milk, espresso, 1/2 caramel, 1/2 hazelnut.

The Ninja Turtle
What it is: Caramel and creme de menthe mocha. Purchase it as a frost and it’s going to be green.

What it is: Cocomo with banana flavoring. Coconut, chocolate and bananas java.

What it is: Caramel and White chocolate mocha.

Red Velvet White Chocolate Blended Mocha

What it is: Mocha with white chocolate sauce, chocolate milk and red tasting syrup.

What it is: Espresso with chocolate, milk and cinnamon.

Crazy Hawaiian

What it is: Caramelizer with macadamia nut
The S’mores Breve Latte

What it is: white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate macadamia and brown sugar cinnamon syrup.

The German Chocolate Mocha

What it is: mocha with caramel and coconut.

Dirty Macchiato

What it is: English Toffee and Espresso.

The Chocolate Cane

What it is: Peppermint and Mocha.

The Frosts:

The Molten Lava Frost

Cup of this cinnamon and dark chocolate suspend.

The Cake Batter Frost

What it is: Almond Rocha and White Chocolate.

The Creamsicle Frost

What it is: Orange and vanilla.

The Cinnabon Frost

What it is: Brown sugar cinnamon, caramel and white chocolate.

The Captain Crunch Frost

What it is: Strawberry and hazelnut.

The Toasted Mellow Frost

What it is: Roasted marshmallows, extract of vanilla and chocolate macadamia nuts.

The Birthday Cake Frost

What it is: Whipped Almond roca, vanilla ice cream and white chocolate, frozen with confetti.

The Bubble Gum Frost

What it is: Made from a mixture of vanilla, strawberry, banana and ice cream.

The French Toast Frost

What it is: This cup is made chocolate, sugar, cinnamon and a little bit of espresso.

The Blue Rebels:

The Unicorn Blood Rebel

What it is: Rebel energy drink infused with vanilla and strawberry, closing touch of white chocolates sprinkles.

The Laser Cat Rebel

What it’s: Mix of coconut and cherry.

The Ocean Water Rebel

What it is: Blue raspberry, coconut and lime.

The James Dean Rebel

What it is: Strawberry, cherry, coconut.

The Starburst Rebel

What it is: Strawberry, white chocolate and almond flavoring.

The Pixie Stick Rebel

What it is: orange, pomegranate, vanilla.

The Dinosaur Egg Rebel

What it is: Blue raspberry, infused wit the rebel energy drink and topped with vanilla, white chocolate sauce and strawberry.

The Gummy Bear Rebel

What it is: Infusion of kiwis and lime into the normal rebel energy drink.

Other Popular Secret Drinks.

Why Bother

Decaf and nonfat.

Dirty Girl

What it is: a Iced white chocolate chai

Sexy Love Potion Iced Tea

What it is: Organic green tea or Paris black tea infused with cherry, lime and passion fruit.

Shirley Temple Soda

What it is: Cherry and vanilla soda

Dirty Caterpillar

What it is: Green apple smoothie with caramel.

Whip Sticks

What it is: Not a drink, just whipped cream on a straw. Good for a laugh.

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