How to Smartly Buy Cryptocurrencies in India

Buy Cryptocurrencies in India

The crypto market is one of the most disruptive market the world have ever seen. New Blockchain based technologies and new projects are being launched every other week worldwide. People all over the world are investing and making huge profits by trading cryptocurrency. 

In this post we are going to share with you how can you too buy, sell and trade bitcoin and other crypto currencies in India and make huge profits out of it. In India, not much people are yet aware about crypto currencies, apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum. The ways of buying crypto currencies directly by paying INR is also limited to two or three good exchanges.

The most popular Indian cryptocurrency exchanges include Koinex, Zebpay and Unocoin. We will tell about each of these exchanges and from where you should buy your cryptocurrency so that you can get the most at low price. 

1. Buy Crypto Currency from KOINEX.IN

One of the most popular Indian exchanges. It has the most number of crypto currencies available to buy directly in India where users can buy and sell using INR. This exchange feature wise very much ahead of any other Indian exchange. Though we recommend you to read a detailed review of the site before investing any of your hard earned money.

The site is known for increasing its features and bringing new coins to Indian market that are not available on any other exchange. Koinex currently let’s traders trade among more than 10 Altcoins. The exchange also allows its users to vote for the next cryptocurrency that they want to trade on the platform. Recently, the site has also introduced the Stop Loss feature, which was only found in big international exchanges until now.

Koinex Stop Limit explained:

Using this advanced trading feature. Indian crypto traders can prevent huge losses buy limiting their orders. This can used in four different ways.

Limiting Buy Orders:

  1. Stop Price> Market Price

You can choose to buy an asset as the price increases a certain point. As soon as the prices reaches that point, your order will be automatically placed.


Current Market Price = 4,000 INR

Stop Price = 4,900 INR

Limit Price = 4,950 INR

Amount = 1 NEO

As soon as the price reaches INR 4,900 a buy order at INR 4,950 will pe placed.

  1. Stop Price< Market Price

If you are expecting the price of a commodity to go down, you can place a stop limit lower price than the market price. And, as soon the price falls to your limit point. A buy order from your end will be placed.

Limiting Sell Orders:

  1. Stop Price < Market Price

In case you are expecting the market to go down, you can put up a sell limit and as soon as the market reaches the sell limit, a sell order will be placed automatically.

  1. Stop Price> Market Price

If you want to book some profits after your assets’ price increases over a certain point. You can set a stop limit higher than the current price. And as soon the price reaches your set limit. Your coins will be placed in sell order, booking you the profits.

Such features and this much variety of Altcoins are only available in only one Indian exchange. Though of you still want to trade on a different platform. You can also try Zebpay exchange.

2. Buy Cryptocurrencies from Zebpay

Zebpay is another leading Indian exchange. It is known for being one of the first Indian platform to buy Bitcoin. Though the exchange currently only only features 3 to 4 types of coins. They are more of a Mobile first company and focus on their mobile application only. They are also known for their low buy/sell price differences.


Both of the above mentioned exchanges are well known and trustworthy Indian exchanges. You can choose any of them to trade crypto currencies and book profits for your piece of this $300 Billion plus market.

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