How You Can Turn Your Windows PC Into A Mobile Hotspot?

Virtual WiFi router hotspot can serve as an essential tool for helping users in sharing internet connection with a hoard of other WiFi enabled devices. Modern day hotels, airports and even public places run WiFi hotspot service for catering to their customers in an efficient manner. Today we are going to take a look at five of the best WiFi hotspot software which can help your Windows PC in turning into a mobile hotspot in no time.

  • Free WIFI Hotspot can turn your notebook or laptop into a virtual router access point for easy sharing of WiFi, LAN, Cable Modem and Dial Up connection with your friends and family. You can set password and hotspot ID while using this versatile mobile hotspot. Details pertaining to connected clients, window IP configuration, data usage etc. is also displayed by Free WIFI Hotspot which implements WPA2 PSK password security for ushering in greater security.
  • MaryFi also secures its position in our list coupled with its easy to use characteristics which has already made it an absolute favorite of amateurs. This virtual WiFi router hotspot software creator is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 systems for wireless sharing of internet connection. You can easily connect WiFi enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops, gaming systems and music players using this free software which can ring in mammoth savings in comparison to pricey data plans. Its clutter free interface also makes it extremely intuitive to use coupled with just the bare minimum necessities. MaryFi also functions as an efficient repeater which paves the path for creation of WiFi signals all over the designated area.
  • You can now turn your Windows PC into a private or public Wi-Fi hotspot using My WiFi Router which has already curved out a niche for itself with its stellar signal strength. Apart from allowing its users to share Internet amongst multiple devices, it also aids in seamless sharing of videos and other files. This free virtual WiFi router is compatible with Windows 7, 8, XP and can be of tremendous help in creating a wireless LAN-based chatting room which renders support to both IM and group chat.
  • Connectify has also gained massive popularity around the globe with its ability to share both Ethernet and WiFi connection amongst an array of devices which can be hooked up with your main PC. A password gets automatically generated for you to be customized in accordance with your requirements. You can also keep a tab on the data usage of connected devices from the client tab of the software which lists down details such as when the connection was established for the first time, download/upload speeds, total data used and total time for which it was connected.

You can also opt for its paid version which brings in greater functionalities such as bridging and repeater mode for connecting your device with the actual network, unlimited data sharing, control over IP and DHCP configurations etc. Coupled with such attributes, Connectify can definitely be termed as an easy to set up and reliable software which can cater to everyone on the lookout for a personal hotspot service.

  • mHotspot is one such software which can be used for converting your Windows 7, 8 and 10 PC into a mobile hotspot for enjoying seamless WiFi. Single internet connection can thus be shared amongst multiple devices such as iPhones, Laptops, PDAs, Android phones, iPads etc. without the requirement of any external hardware or router apart from the existing one. It is also possible to set your own hotspot name usingmHotspot without having to face any restrictions as you share various forms of Internet connection ranging from 3G/4G to Ethernet, LAN and WiFi.

Details of the connected devices such as its name, IP address as well as information pertaining to network usage such as transfer rates and upload & download speed can also be viewed at a glance. You can even secure your wireless hotspot using WPA2 PSK, WEP and WPS password security while extending your WiFi range over 10 devices at one go. Some of the advanced options which can cater to your needs are auto network switching, shared content, always-on WiFi and scanning, certificates etc. However, it is imperative to note here that your laptop battery might drain out quickly while using it as a mobile Wi-Fi with mHotspot. Thus, you need to plug it in the charging socket whenever necessary.

A hotspot application comes in handy when you have multiple devices and just one LAN but no modem. However, the potent backing of the right software is required for achieving all this in a seamless fashion.

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