Jewellery Fashion Trends 2018

Jewellery plays an important role in defining the glamour of your look. It has the power to make even a dull outfit fashionable but can also spoil your look if not chosen properly. Its significance in a woman’s life can be seen by the ornaments she receives on different occasions. Apart from monetary worth, jewellery also holds sentimental value. 2018 gave a whole new look to trendy fashionable as well as alluring wedding jewellery. Keeping in mind the latest change and addition of ornaments, here is a list of various set of jewellery you would be wanting to style up your fashion quotient.

Chunky chain jewelry:

Chunky has made a huge comeback this year. It is available in the collections of top brands like Versace and Gucci and has made its mark among the top trends this year. Be it pendant necklaces, chokers or bracelets this trendy chain is visible in all kinds of jewellery pieces. The best part about this chunky chain jewellery is that it goes well with both western as well as Indian outfits.

Mismatched earrings:

Mismatched earrings were a hit in 2017 and well it’s not fading away any time soon. People love these because it styles up their fashion quotient as well as gives them multiple options to pick from. The problem of losing one piece from a pair somehow doesn’t exist with them as we can pick and choose from a large variety without making it look bad.


Chokers have made their mark in all sorts of styles and looks. Not only in day to day casual attire, has it looked alluring even in party outfits. Not only the street fashion it has made a meaningful impact on other styles too. This should surely be in your list.

Asymmetrical hoops:

It was considered out of fashion but it made re entry in 2018. It is such an easy carrying accessory that women wear it with multiple style of outfits. Widely famous among young generation, it has surely made its mark in the jewellery fashion trends of 2018. Usually made of metal it comes in various colours for the ladies to choose from, thus making it a perfect fashion statement.

Statement earrings and necklaces:

It all started from statement necklaces when our favourite celebrities wore them and made us look in awe and complete amazement. Initially it was hard to accept but eventually it became a hit among women. Its uniqueness has worked for it, creating a large demand for this type of jewellery. Try these if you have a bold taste and are not shy to experiment something unusual but funky.


Anklets never really go out of fashion, being worn for a long time now it has made a huge impact in Indian women’s life. Commonly known as Payal, this ornament has been loved not only by the younger generation but also by our mothers. It has a great social as well as spiritual importance. Undoubtedly anklets have become a crucial part of our lives. A simple chain accessorised with a pearl or other material makes a big difference when it comes to fashion.

Pom-Pom bracelets:

This one’s surely in my list when it comes to fashion trends of 2018. Pom pom earrings were hugely favoured by the ladies as soon as it entered the market. Now the love of pom poms have taken shape as pom pom bracelets. It not only makes you look vibrant but is also pocket friendly. Widely liked with the Guajarati attire it also suits well on your beach look.

Flora Fauna is trending hot:

Flora Fauna has surely captured the hearts with its funky look and breath taking designs. Surprisingly people are actually loving the idea of putting plants in their ornament, it is unquestionably one of the hottest trends of 2018. Wear these with confidence and style up your fashion quotient this year.


So studs are evergreen when it comes to jewellery trends. Easy handling, pocket friendly they can actually make you look alluring without burning a hole in your pocket. Loved by the ladies who prefer minimal jewellery and also adored by the ones who like possessing heavy gold and silver sets, this one’s surely in my list.

Moon shaped Balis:

Being in the shape of the moon this new style has surely made its mark in the market. Looking best with ethnic attire it gives a different charm and adds beauty to the outfit making you look elegant. It can be made from several materials like pearls, stones or crystals totally depending upon your taste and liking. Buy this if you want a fresh and majestic traditional look this year.


So this was my list of latest fashion trends in jewellery, as there are several online platforms providing beautiful collection within the best range i came across one such site known as Fascraft. It surely had the breath-taking collection in a range we can easily afford.


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