Review Of Portable Handheld Oscilloscopes


Today, there are various applications of oscilloscopes in the fields of science, medicine, engineering and telecommunications. You always need a portable, accurate and user-friendly oscilloscope irrespective of the fact that you are professional or student. As there are many models available in the market so choosing the right one becomes a challenge. You have to consider many aspects as the oscilloscope type, sampling rate, resolution, triggering and sampling mode for purchasing the product. You must the reviews of top 10 bestranked products. Here are some of the considerations which have to make before coming to any conclusion:

  1. Types: The type of oscilloscope depends of its application. You should always check the signals that you have to track for using it. That means you must know about the amplitude range of the signals you need to measure. Few types of the oscilloscopes are dual beam, digital, analog, and many more.
  2. Rate and modes of sampling: While shopping it, these two are the most important factor that you have to consider. In regard to the sampling modes you have to select between real time sampling and equivalent time sampling options. ETS oscilloscopes are suitable for recurring signals whereas real time sampling is suitable for industrial applications.
  3. Triggering: A good portable handheld oscilloscope must help to differentiate signals events that has preceded and followed the main event. Triggering not only prevents clogging the onboard memory with useless data but it also allows the device to capture more accurate data.
  4. Display: Resolution is another vital factor that you have to consider for selecting the best product. It must be such which allows you to view the displayed waveforms and in case of small signals you will need oscilloscope which has relatively high resolution.
  5. Bandwidth: While making the selection you should ensure that you select the one which minimizes the loss of amplitude for the incoming signals. You must choose the one which has twice the frequency of the unit. If you are already using it for measuring high frequency signals, then you must choose the device with high bandwidth.


Making sudden decision of buying the right portable handheld oscilloscope is not easy. There are many models available in the market but you have to consider all the factors before making the final decision. Only after keeping all the needs and aspects in mind you have to choose the product.


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