Shortcut virus removal guide

This concise article will assist you with the removal steps of Shortcut virus. It will help you to cope up with this harmful virus and will provide detailed information about its types and the motivations behind its action.

It is quite a sophisticated program that blankets more threats that you can see.

In this article we will talk about, what is shortcut virus? How exactly does to remove Shortcut virus infection functions?

The step you should and shouldn’t take to determine this issue with negligible damage.

Keep reading further to learn more about this malicious PC threat.

What is Shortcut Virus?

Shortcut virus is a nasty creation of cyber criminals and is capable of spreading its roots via portable devices like SD cards, Pen-Drives, USB drives and many more.

It is specifically designed to convert system files into shortcuts making them inaccessible.

This malicious virus spreads from one computer to another through portable devices. A contaminated pen drive when connected to a computer system can infect the PC.

Similarly connecting a pen drive to a contaminated PC, will contaminate the pen drive as well with Shortcut virus.

Post successful invasion, this lethal virus hides in and keeps replacing original files with shortcuts.

A single click on these links can get the virus active, post which it starts duplicating itself.

Degraded system performance, loss of data, slow network connectivity and system abnormalities are few of the prominent effects of Shortcut virus.

Its Types

There are two types of Shortcut virus based on the operational peculiarities.

  1. Flash Drive Shortcut Virus
  2. File and Folder Shortcut virus

Flash Drive Shortcut Virus- Its specifications

This form of Shortcut virus is designed to effect portable devices, including USB drives, pen drives, and flash drives. Post successful invasion it consolidates the files in a hidden folder and creates a shortcut by adding “shortcut.exe” extensions.

Often it is also seen that this malicious virus acts like spyware and sits silently in the background of your computer system. It tracks your browsing actions and collects personally crucial identifiable information like login details, banking information and many more.

File and Folder Shortcut Virus

This is the 2nd form and targets files and folders stored in the PC. It infects the data by adding extensions like “shortcut.vbs,” shortcuts.exe,” “shortcut. Ink” and “file.ini.”

Shortcut virus has similar traits to a Trojan and may install another malicious program on the compromised computer system resulting in dire consequences.

Prominent victims

In most of the cases, it is noticed that these nasty PC threats take advantage of the Autoplay and Autorun feature.

Facts and figures show that numerous users get infected if they:

  • Download infected files and links
  • Connects a portable device to a compromised PC.
  • Skip scanning the portable device once they are connected to a computer.

As soon as the pen drive is connected to the computer, this malware exploits the Autorun feature and infects the system.

Get rid of Shortcut virus, Removal steps.

Below mentioned are easy steps and procedures that can be followed to make your hidden files visible again.

Here we have included simple but effective methods to remove shortcut virus permanently from your device.

Delete Shortcut virus using the CMD option

The CMD option evacuates this malicious malware effortlessly from your system along with the full range of portable gadgets.

Follow the below-mentioned procedure

  • Launch the Command menu,
  • Then press the start button and type Cmd.exe in the box and press enter.
  • Choose the required Flash drive and enter its name. Type Cd F ( if you wish to expel F drive)
  • Press OK.
  • Change the drive attributes by typing attrib f:*.* /d /s -h -r –s (say e is the Drive Label)
  • Finally, press ok to delete the virus entirely from your system.

Use Antivirus program

A sophisticated antivirus program will effortlessly filter, identify and remove Shortcut virus from your computer system.

An efficient antivirus for windows will flag all tainted things and delete them. Download one today to keep your system safe.

Follow below procedure to download:

  1. Choose a robust antivirus program and download it from an official site.
  2. To start with, press the Run Button.
  3. Click on Start Scan button after successful installation of the utility program.
  4. A list of all virus present in the system will be displayed on the computer screen,
  5. Click on the “Clear Now” button to remove shortcut virus.

Few life-saving Tips

  • Enable ad Blocker: Pop-up banners and notifications are deceptive techniques used by hackers to spread PC threats. Use an efficient Ad-Blocker tool to block all such malicious malware from spreading.
  • Update Windows: Regularly updating Windows version is essential to arm your system against all PC threats and zero-day malware.
  • Third-Party Installation: Never install freeware and shareware programs available online.
  • Regular System Backup: Keeping a system backup drastically lessens the impact of virus assault. Make sure that you backup your system on a regular basis.


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