What marketer should look for in a call tracking solution?

Inbound call tracking

Not only due to the popularity of pay per call but also due to the increased number of inbound calls, call tracking software need has been increased a lot.

As there are hundreds of service provider available in the market and so you need to know which Inbound Call Tracking solution is best for you. And so, in this post we are going to talk about some KPIs which will help you select the best call tracking software.

If you will clearly analyze these factors before deciding to go ahead with any call tracking platform, you will land to a safe hand and can analyze your calls in a better why which will lead to the profitable decision.

#1 What data on calls you want to capture?

This is very important, and you should also analyze your existing infrastructure before buying any solution. It should not be in such a way that the product you have bought doesn’t support the existing solution.

For example, some of the call tracking solution doesn’t support the toll-free number and so if you are using a toll-free then that product won’t be suitable for you. Here are some of the other factors you should consider here-

  • It should support all kind of numbers like toll-free, local, international, lease line calls etc.
  • Can it track multiple number from the same web source and identify the calls?
  • Where the data will be stored? Will you have to buy an infrastructure for the same?
  • Can it provide keyword level identification?

#2 Best caller experience for your business

As per the research of giant Microsoft, around 60% customer don’t buy due to the poor customer service and so you should focus here more.

You should make a checklist of the calls and the destination systems like when you receive the calls, where it is getting transferred. Will it lead to the call center or some individual will handle it? Based on these, you can analyze the following-

  • Can you use IVR solution with the tracking system?
  • Can IVR make all process automated or is only limited to the press 1 or press 2 for different purpose?
  • If no one will answer the call, does this have some escalation or auto answer or storing feature?

You should get these details and depending on need, take further action and buy where you find suitable option.

#3 What KPIs you need during the call

This is again important for the further analysis of the call. You can go ahead with further call processing with the help of any big data bi tools and identify the insight about your business. Following are some important factors you should evaluate here-

  • Can the call be recorded end to end without the issue of length of the call and then can be transcribe presented for whole call?
  • How accurate is transcriptions. This will again depend on the ascent used on the call.
  • What all parameters and details this is capturing, and can you manually capture some or make changes in the system
  • Does the solution have their own reporting feature for the analysis?


These were the 3 important factors to consider before buying or subscribing for any call tracking software. If you look for anything else, feel free to share with us.

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