What’s Seedbox? Difference Between Seedbox & VPN?

We are all quite concerned with the recent revelations of big corporations (read social media giants) deciding to ignore our right to privacy online and tracking every move to provide personalized ads and sometimes sell private information to other dubious (or not) companies.

Well, to all those concerned, seedbox and VPN are your best bets to keep your identity and credentials private and intact. While both serve the purpose quite well, they possess slight differences that set them apart from each other and hence each of them is suitable for different situations.

A brief introduction to the towering stalwarts of Internet privacy security tools:


A seedbox is a remote server with a very high-speed data connection that has a public IP address i.e. anybody can access it with the right amount of knowledge (and bank balance), to upload and download large files through torrents in their personal computers from the comfort of their homes.

Seedboxes usually have torrent clients with web interfaces through which one can log in into the seedbox from any web browser and start downloading or seeding torrents. The downloaded file remains stored in the seedbox and it can be downloaded to the PC according to the convenience of the user through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) depending on the service provider.

Seedboxes are incredibly fast: They provide speeds starting from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

For perspective, sustained speeds of 1Gbps will let you download an entire season of Game of Thrones, that too in HD, within 10 seconds! Check out the best cheap Seedbox in the market to know the various features and bandwidth limits.


The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is fast becoming a necessity, quite far from being a mere luxury for most individuals. Gone are the days when the only users of VPN were large enterprises, big shot government agencies or whistle-blowers. Nowadays, most netizens whose daily Internet habits include a healthy share of torrents have moved to VPNs for protection against government policies enforcing copyright laws.

VPNs secure your data when using a public (e.g. your home Internet) network. It creates a virtual tunnel for the data to pass through in an encrypted format which is indecipherable to anybody who manages to intercept the data packets. It is as if the source and destination of the data had an isolated, private link.

VPNs masks your IP completely and hence it lets you browse the web anonymously. VPN users can smash geo-restrictions to smithereens e.g. Some VPN user in North Korea could connect to an India-based VPN and view all sites without any obstructions or identity detection.

It also provides protection from public Wi-Fi mishaps and personal information leaks.

Seedbox vs VPN

So, now that we know a little about both, let’s move on to our primary concern. Which should you buy? The answer to this isn’t particularly simple. It depends primarily on the purpose of buying.

VPN provides greater accessibility from almost anywhere across the globe, doesn’t entail many restrictions on the user relating to browsing or downloading and secures your data quite well.

They are also a lot more affordable than seedboxes.

However, some VPNs restrict torrent downloads and the Internet speed is quite slow as compared to seedboxes.

Seedboxes, on the other hand, are not of much use except downloading and seeding torrents.

Accessibility to seedboxes is very limited geographically, a huge disadvantage as compared to the mobility offered to VPN users.

Seedboxes are also known to disallow public torrent trackers such as The Pirate Bay which could be a let-down for many. Private trackers are notorious for making users strictly adhere to seeding ratios greater than 1 and the selection process (yes, there is one) to join one is quite stringent.

But if you are already a member of such a community, seedbox could be a life-saver, as seedboxes are always seeding (they are never switched off). Thus you could switch off your PC at night and sleep soundly without having to worry about getting kicked out of the tracker community.

Another drawback which often peeves a lot is files downloaded through seedboxes need to be download twice—once in the seedbox and from there to the user’s PC.

Thus, if your primary concern and reason of being an active user of the Internet are downloading torrents, seedboxes were made keeping you in mind.

For everybody else, VPNs would do the job just fine given that you choose the one that fits your needs.

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